Rules for visitors

Rules and recommendations for visitors


In order to protect the artistic heritage that is preserved and exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias, and to create the necessary climate to enjoy the visit, the following is not permitted in the Museum:

  • Do not take food or drinks into the exhibitions halls. Smoking is strictly forbidden by law inside the Museum.
  • Please do not touch works of art.
  • Do not run in the Museum’s rooms and corridors.
  • For security reasons, umbrellas, camera extension poles, pointers or sharp or piercing items, as well as packages and bags larger than 40 x 40 cms are not allowed into the Museum.
  • Flash photography, tripods and filming are prohibited in the Museum galleries. No photographs may be reproduced, distributed or sold without permission from the Museum.
  • The use of mobile phones or laser pointers is not permitted inside exhibition halls.
  • The entrance of animals is strictly prohibited, except of guide-dogs accompanying the visually-impaired.


  • It is recommended to keep a safe distance between you and each work of art. This helps to avoid accidental touching or bumping.
  • Additionally, we very much request you to keep your voice down so as not to bother other visitors.
  • Children are very welcome. Please keep them close by and make sure they behave themselves properly.
  • Organized groups must consist of a maximum of 25 people, with one person designated responsible for the group.

Thank you for helping us to keep save our works or art. We hope you enjoy your visit.